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How is moovrmatch different?

The property market is anyone interested in buying, selling or both from the moment they start thinking about it to completion of a transaction. 

Traditionally contact between buyers and sellers is limited.  It only occurs when a seller is committed enough to advertise through an estate agent.  

Poor contact leads to poor information exchange.  Poor information exchange can lead to a long, costly process.

Moovrmatch can connect these people from the moment they start considering a move.  Whether Buyer,  Seller or both they can announce their intentions and contact other movers securely.

More contact, earlier in the process, gives better information to buyers and sellers.  Better information can lead to better transactions.

Better transactions help people move quickly, not lose out financially, and get on with their lives.

There are many more people ‘in’ the property market than advertising through estate agents and main-stream websites.  

Prospective movers can take a long time before they are prepared to advertise through traditional estate agents and even then they can only advertise as a Seller.  

They may be waiting till they see a property advertised that they’d like to move to.   They might lack confidence that they’d find a buyer.

Moovrmatch helps overcome these barriers.  It’s a low-cost way of announcing your intentions and testing the market whether buyer, seller or both from the moment you start thinking about it.  

Most movers have one property to sell.  However, they may have several locations and property types that they are considering buying.

Absolutely not.  

Private sales do happen and with the right type of chain they can work well.  

However,  it is often very helpful to be represented in a transaction by a specialist.  You may think your an excellent negotiator but when it’s your home and the home of someone else it can be very difficult.  

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