We started Moovrmatch in response to finding that the traditional way of moving just didn’t work for us after years of trying.

We live in a congested part of the country and had spent five years trying to make the connection between a home we wanted (and could afford) to buy and a buyer for our own.  It wasn’t happening through the usual route so we changed tack.  We advertised ourselves privately as buyers by putting letters through doors, advertising in local papers and using social media.  We started to hear of people in very similar situations who typically told us they love to move if they could only find what they wanted to move to and be confident they’d find a buyer.  Without either they weren’t even taking the first step and advertising. 

It struck us that there must be many more potential transactions out there waiting to happen if only prospective, unadvertised, buyers and sellers could get in touch.  We also realised how damaging this was.  Unfulfilled transactions meant peoples lives were impacted.

Eventually our approach worked and we moved.  We also became convinced that there must be a better way to connect buyers and sellers, whatever the stage of their search, so we started planning this site.

Our underlying belief is that if you put people, who want to move, in touch, they’ll figure it out.  This is because, ultimately, people want to get the right home in the right location, not lose out financially, and get on with their lives.